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Diversified Technology CAT985 80386 AT Single Board Computer
16 bit ISA bus. Dual PS/2 onboard with internal access. 386, 387 and 8MB RAM installed. Tested in backplane, POSTs, unable to test further as I had no additional ISA slots. PDF manual available. $50

486-P1 era laptop/notebook bag
Panasonic CF-25 with handle removed shown for scale, only the bag is being sold. $10

Ultinet/Nan Tan 386 laptop AC adapter/charger
Model PSA-202, output 20VDC 2.6A. Seen working around 2010. $10

Toshiba XM-5401B
SCSI tray-load CD-ROM drive – Tested, works. $10

Mitsumi CRMC-FX001D2
Proprietary tray-load 2x CD-ROM drive – Tested, works. $10

Quantum Fireball 540AT FB50A02H
Apple logo 540MB IDE HDD – Tested, works as of 2011-09. Pulled from a working LC 580. $10

IBM WD-325N P/N 90X6806
20MB IBM DBA ESDI (MCA) PS/2 proprietary HDD. Working condition unknown. Not able to test. $10


  • Some sort of tiny, old notebook/palmtop x86 PC…Toshiba Libretto, IBM PC110 or similar

Feedback & Reputation

I have an established positive reputation on Heatware and eBay (as a buyer only), as well as a multitude of successful transactions with people who did not leave reviews. I have been on-and-off active for years on the forums at as well as the Vintage Computer Forums, and have no “burned bridges” in either community.

This section also previously listed 6 reviews people provided me via email, but as the most recent was from 2010, much like old content on a resume I chose to remove them to clean the page up a bit.

Terms, Conditions, Policies & Procedures

I am a private individual, not a business. I make little or no profit, my goal is to simply cover my costs for the benefit of other hobbyists.

  • All prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping costs.
  • I am in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and local people are welcome to¬†exchange goods and cash in person.
  • I only accept PayPal for shipped items. If meeting in person as above, cash is preferred.
  • I ship worldwide with no exceptions currently, but will only deal with customers writing in clear English. My one and only dissatisfied buyer resulted from a language barrier.
  • I ship by Canada Post, typically with good condition reused shipping materials.
  • I ship within a few days of receiving your payment. I typically can’t ship things the same day the payment is received.
  • No returns, exchanges or refunds. All items are sold on an “as is” basis.
  • I am not responsible for shipping losses or damages; please tell me if insurance is a priority for you.
  • You are responsible for any fees charged at time of import or delivery (including but not limited to taxes/tariffs, duty, brokerage, etc.)