CF-25 Quick Guide

CF-25 Readme

Key Combinations

Display change By pressing this key combination, you can choose to select either an external display or the LCD, or simultaneous.
Speaker on/off switch Pressing this key combination turns off audio from the internal speakers and headphone jack. Pressing it again turns audio back on.
Power off
using suspend function
Pressing this key combination causes the screen that last appeared on the display while the computer was operating to be saved to memory, and powers off the computer. When the computer is powered on, it will start from where you stopped previously. (The computer must be plugged into the AC adapter or have a battery pack with sufficient remaining power installed.)
Remaining capacity
of the battery pack
Pressing this key combination displays the remaining battery capacity on the screen.
Standby mode
for conserving power
Pressing this key combination cuts off power to the motor of the hard disk drive and the LCD display until operation is resumed by pressing any key.
Volume control Pressing this key combination adjusts the volume of the internal speaker and the headphone jack.
This key combination cannot be used to adjust the volume of the beep sound.
LCD brightness control Pressing this key combination changes the brightness. Each press advances the setting one step.
Switch between
This key combination is used to switch between open applications.
Force program
to terminate
Do not use this key combination except in emergencies, such as when an application has stopped responding. Any data that has not been saved will be lost.