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I have a reasonably extensive (but far from exhaustive) collection of buckling spring keyboards in both capacitive and membrane forms. These are generally not treated as museum pieces shelved on display, but are typically rotated in and out of use, particularly when working with older/vintage computers.

In this category, you can view profiles of each keyboard and any related information I have.

IBM 6450200: 5170 Personal Computer/AT Keyboard

In late 2012 I noticed some “parts” for an IBM AT keyboard being sold and upon further investigation found it was a whole keyboard, but in non-operational condition (poor condition cord and at least one stuck key). I bought it and had it shipped halfway across the globe for less than half what it could have cost to buy one without those issues, and was able to fix it with less than an hour of work and replacing two capacitive key switch components that I already had spares of. Continue reading

IBM 16H6705: a wild TrackPoint appears!

This is an “IBM Enhanced Trackpoint II Keyboard”, or something to that effect. It is the only “old” buckling spring board that was available in black as far as I am aware, and has a real IBM TrackPoint II pointing stick embedded within it. Continue reading