IBM 1394946: Industrial Model M

This is an “industrial” IBM keyboard. That means nothing about its construction; it is very much the same thing as a 1391401 or other 101-key Model M, but has unique colouring to match IBM industrial computers.I got this keyboard in April 2010 from an eBay auction for two units together, untested. I took a rather expensive gamble but it worked out well…because they were untested, they went for a reasonable combined price, and when I received them I found they both worked flawlessly and just required cleaning. I quickly sold the second one for half of the original bid and shipping.

  • Identification: IBM part number 1394946, ID number 5005899, designated ‘Model M’, manufactured in USA by Lexmark 1991-10-28
  • Application: IBM industrial PCs
  • Connectivity: PS/2 interface with detachable cable (6-position SDL connector at keyboard)
  • Key layout: 101-key US layout
  • Keyswitches: tactile and ‘clicky’ buckling spring over membrane
  • Acquired: April 2010, eBay auction win

3 thoughts on “IBM 1394946: Industrial Model M

  1. J

    I totally understand, now it remains a very good keyboard, I admit that I would be really happy with an SSK, I have a “normal” version but I’d love to get my hands on an industrial one :)

    1. kishy Post author

      Ha! I’m sure many would, as they aren’t exactly common. I really like this keyboard though, and do periodically use it. Certainly if I were looking to downsize it’s one of the ones I would part with, but I’m not downsizing any time soon :)


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