IBM 1503206: 5150 Personal Computer keyboard

This is the keyboard which came with the IBM 5150: the original IBM PC.

I got this keyboard in March 2011 from the local electronics recycler at one of their ‘garage sale’ events. It was in excellent condition, only a little dirty, and with a couple WordPerfect stickers applied to certain keys. It cleaned up quickly and easily, and after getting my converter set up correctly, I was typing on it soon after.

  • Identification: IBM part number 1503206, manufactured in USA by IBM 1980-1982. Commonly known as the XT Model F.
  • Application: IBM 5150/5160
  • Connectivity: DIN5 XT interface with fixed cable
  • Key layout: 83-key US layout
  • Keyswitches: tactile and ‘clicky’ buckling spring over capacitive PCB
  • Acquired: March 2011, local sale

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2 thoughts on “IBM 1503206: 5150 Personal Computer keyboard

  1. Tim

    Hi Kishy,
    I have one of these Model F keyboards (1503206) and it appears that the 8048 controller is malfunctioning. I have replacement chips and the capability to program them but what I don’t have is the “ROM” dump. By any chance do you have it or know where to find it? I stumbled across another site which claimed to have the correct image but as it turns out there were 2 versions of this keyboard (Type 1 and Type 2) and I believe the image I got was for the Type 1 and I have a Type 2.
    Any info you can offer up would be VERY appreciated. I REALLY want to get this keyboard functioning again.

    1. kishy Post author

      Hi Tim,
      Apologies for the delay. My line of work has me extra busy during this pandemic so my hobby areas have been a bit neglected.
      I do not know where to get the ROM dump from, however I may have the resources (and if I do have the resources, I also have the willingness) to get you the dump from my keyboard. Can you tell from the photos on this page if my keyboard is the version that you need the ROM image from?


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