IBM 6110345: 122-key Model F

This is a 122-key IBM 3180 terminal keyboard.

I obtained this keyboard in March of 2012 as part of a trade.

Nicknamed “super carrier” by another Geekhack member, in the context of 101-key IBM boards commonly being called “battleships” and new-style 122-key boards being “aircraft carriers”, as the old-style 122 has a larger case.

  • Identification: IBM part number 6110345, ID number , designated ‘Model F’, manufactured in USA by IBM 1986-03-06
  • Application: IBM 3180 display station
  • Connectivity: DIN5 ‘terminal AT’ interface with fixed cable
  • Key layout: 122-key 3270-type layout
  • Keyswitches: tactile and ‘clicky’ buckling spring over capacitive PCB
  • Acquired: March 2012, trade/exchange online

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6 thoughts on “IBM 6110345: 122-key Model F

  1. Norman Dolph

    Dear Kishy,
    “My post describing conversion options to use these keyboards on modern PCs” … this Link from your Above Narrative seems to be a dead link. Can you give me a pointer to the article… this is EXACTLY a wheel it would be nice NOT to have to reinvent…

    Appreciate all your research and documentation. Makes the struggle much easier.

  2. Justin

    I am just finding this post in 2020 while researching my own model f. I have part number 6110347

  3. Pina ricciu

    I am interested in buying this keyboard and have been looking in Melbourne Australia, where I live, however have not been able to find one

    Could you advise price plus cartage costs approx.

    Could you also advise whether the space bar has the same actuation point as the other keys. Also does the J and F have small nodes on the keys.

    I need it to work with a new apple Mac air 2019 model so I assume it has ps/2 adaptor. Although I believe you can use a soarerts plus TMK converter cable or a Usb converter (FAT) which converts.

    1. kishy Post author

      Hi, thank you for your interest. The items showcased on this website are typically not for sale.

    2. Justin

      I am interested in selling mine and I have already bought a converter for it and tested it in my pc. I am in the states however


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