IBM ThinkPad 760E (XGA, 9546-U9B)

This is the second 760E I’ve picked up, somewhat different from the first in that it’s the XGA model which has an integral CD-ROM drive. It is otherwise very similar to my SVGA 760E. I bought it in August 2017 from eBay, quite cheaply due to a display issue which I’ve since fixed.

This computer was sold with a display issue, where the display image was garbled/distorted. I found that through applying pressure to the bezel around the inverter, the issue would go away.

In March 2018, I purchased a complete replacement screen assembly which I directly swapped onto my computer, fixing the issue. However, I intend to further troubleshoot this in the future and confirm for certain exactly what part is faulty, and evaluate if it might be repairable without making any further parts investments.

Otherwise, everything I could say about this 760E has already been said about my other one.


  • Identification: IBM ThinkPad 760E, type 9546-U9B, assembled December 1996
  • CPU: Intel Pentium, 150MHz
  • RAM*: 8MB integrated on the motherboard, plus 32MB integrated on the adapter board, plus (2x 32MB) of EDO is installed on the adapter board, for a total of 104MB recognized.
  • Chipset: Intel 430MX
  • Video: Trident Cyber9385, 2MB
  • Display: 12.1″ TFT LCD, 1024×768
  • Fixed storage: IBM 2GB IDE HDD
  • Removable storage: UltraBay IBM-branded Sanyo CRD-S58P 8x CD-ROM drive
  • Sound: IBM Mwave with stereo speakers
  • Input: a somewhat disappointing keyboard, paired with a TrackPoint III
  • Networking: none integrated
  • Expansion, IO: 2x CardBus, PS/2 mouse, proprietary external floppy drive connector, docking connector, DE15HD VGA, DB25 parallel, DE9 serial, 3.5mm mic and headphones, dial-up modem
  • Acquired: August 2017, eBay

* specification has been altered from the original configuration

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