Toshiba Libretto Original Desktop Wallpaper

A friend of mine has a handful of Librettos (Models 70 and 100, several of each), and we found that one of the 100s has its original OS install, as-shipped from Toshiba. As we continue to evaluate what is worth archiving from this hard drive (e.g. what cannot be re-downloaded from elsewhere), I’m uploading the desktop wallpaper images here.Since I began shopping for a Libretto and bought my 60, I’ve been on the hunt for period-appropriate Toshiba desktop backgrounds. My computer had its hard drive replaced, so anything that wasn’t installable (drivers, utilities yes, UI elements like wallpapers no) is missing.

I have used reverse image searches to verify these images are not published online already. I hope anyone who wants them is pleased with what they find here.

It is possible that older models might have different wallpapers; if that is the case I’d love to have those as well to showcase here. Since the 100 also contained images larger than its own screen resolution, most likely these apply to other model series as well.

Libretto 100 Original Wallpapers

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