Scantech LCD-286

This is a portable 286 IBM-compatible, featuring a mechanical (Cherry MX) keyboard and blue monochrome LCD panel.

Although branded differently, you can view what appears to be a closely related model in this video from Wired. This is in the same somewhat generic case that has been shared by several portable computer models over time, notably including some models of Dolch network sniffer. Some of the photos below compare it against the very similar chassis, but quite a bit newer Dolch PAC 65.

Other brands known to have appeared on this chassis: IMC Traveler, Dolch, Micro Express Roadrunner, Trans PC, Pond Systems, and Pacific Computer. There are surely more out there also.

The chassis is capable of accommodating a typical XT (and therefore also baby-AT) motherboard so a non-working example would be an excellent candidate for a case mod, if one were so inclined.

The originally installed motherboard features onboard floppy and ATA hard drive interfaces.

The LCD panel is connected internally to an ISA graphics card which has special accommodations for the panel, including an external-facing power switch and connection to the power supply enabling the user to turn off the LCD panel. There is an invert switch which flips the blue monochrome to more of an orange colour, which could help with visibility in certain conditions or based on preference.


  • Identification: Scantech LCD-286
  • Motherboard:
  • CPU:
  • RAM:
  • Chipset:
  • Video:
  • Display:
  • Fixed storage:
  • Removable storage:
  • Sound:
  • Input: “Parex Modern-I” Cherry MX-switch keyboard, which attaches to front of chassis forming the cover for the screen
  • Networking: none integrated
  • Expansion, IO:
  • Acquired:

* specification has been altered from the original configuration

3 thoughts on “Scantech LCD-286

  1. Justin D. Morgan

    A friend recently picked one of these Scantech LCD-286 chassis up for me, and it’s unfortunately just that: the chassis with keyboard. I’d like to be able to use it again, complete with hooking up the internal LCD with a video card, but the info on the LCD-286 is almost nil… Somehow I managed to find your blog, though.

    You by chance haven’t taken an ohm meter to the video card to see if the ribbon cable is electrically connected to the CGA output… or have any other info on the video card so I could try to locate one? Thanks.

  2. Kosie

    I got hold of exactly the same portable, although it seems the PSU is faulty. Would you have any idea on where to purchase a replacement? I am not sure what to call it when searching ;)


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